why to buy a reusable menstrual disc
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Menstrual Disc Reviews, Or Why I Wear a Menstrual Disc

Reviews of the Diva Disc—our brand-new menstrual disc—are in! Here's what consumers are saying about its innovative features.
why to buy a reusable menstrual disc

Our reusable menstrual disc, the Diva Disc is now available across Canada and the US. As consumers begin trying our latest innovation, we welcome feedback — as a way of improving your experience with more targeted advice, as well as helping to set us up for future innovations. 
Here are some of the reasons you’re loving the Diva Disc.

Have you tried the all-new Diva Disc?

“I love the anti-slip pull-tab for a quick and easy removal!”

When we were designing the anti-slip pull-tab, we wanted it to be easy-to-find and grip. The pull-tab is found at the front edge of the disc. It has grip-lines on the inside edge to prevent slippage (and spills) when removing. 

Tip: If you’re having trouble gripping the pull-tab, we recommend using both your thumb and index finger to hook your finger into the tab. By hooking your thumb over the tab, you can hold it in place. Then slip your index finger under and into the loop. Keep both fingers in place, holding the pull-tab between these two fingers, while you slide the disc out.

“The firmness is perfect for me! It’s soft, easy to fold and glides in effortlessly.”

We wanted the Diva Disc to be super soft for easy insertion and comfortable wear. The 100% medical grade silicone means that it is easy to fold down to the size of tampon — making it an easy swap for avid tampon users — and comfortable to wear for up to 12 hours, giving you longer-lasting protection than other products. 
We know that discs these days come in varying degrees of firmness. And that the disc might not be the correct firmness for your personal fit and function. The Diva Disc is designed to be flexible enough to slide in through the vaginal canal and rest in the vaginal fornix, where the rim of the disc sits up behind the pubic bone. We started on the softer side so that it was easiest to insert and comfortable to wear, while keeping it firm enough to stay securely in place.

“I’m so grateful for the Leakproof Shield™!”

To avoid mid-wear leaks and a messy removal process, we created the Leakproof Shield™.  
Whether or not you experience a heavy flow, we wanted to craft a period product that took extra precautions to prevent mid-wear leaks and messy removal. The Leakproof Shield™ is a silicone membrane that partially covers the catch basin across the front rim.  
When you’re pushing the disc in to insert, make sure the Leakproof Shield™ is facing away from your body. When the menstrual disc is sitting up around your cervix collecting flow, as well as when you tip the disc to slide it out, the Leakproof Shield™ will prevent it from spilling out and creating a mess.

“A great design for a low cervix, as well as tilted uteruses.”

We all have anatomy that is unique to us; low cervix, high cervix, tilted uterus, etc. The Diva Disc comes in one-size fits most because the cavity of the vaginal fornix is generally a uniform size.  
Regardless of cervix height, the shallow catch basin is a perfect pairing. With a tilted uterus, you might have to adjust the positioning slightly to reflect this tilt. But this is part of the learning curve with any insertable. You will learn what works best with your anatomy in no time! 
If you’ve had issues in the past with rotating discs, stressful removal, or shifting during wearing, we can’t say enough about the unique design of the Diva Disc. Its oval shape prevents rotation during wear and removal. And the sloped catch basin paired with the Leakproof Shield™ mean less worrying about mid-wear leaks and messy removal. Nothing is more frustrating than reaching for your disc and having it rotate out of your grasp!

“No mess or discomfort when using it for period sex – I’ll be doing it more!”

The unique oval-shaped design and shallow basin of the Diva Disc was consciously chosen to improve upon secure positioning. Because the Diva Disc sits up in the vaginal fornix, the vaginal canal is available for penetrative intercourse.  
This can’t be done with a menstrual cup, so it’s a bonus when using a menstrual disc! Always wash your hands, remove the disc and empty it before engaging in mess-free period sex.

Have mess-free penetrative period sex with the Diva Disc


We appreciate your menstrual disc reviews! And hope if you haven’t tried it that you’ll take the time to buy the Diva Disc and learn how to use it. Some would even say it’s easier than using a menstrual cup. But, again, you won’t know for yourself until you try!