Social Impact Program

Diva is proud to donate 15,000 DivaCups and over $100,000 every year to community programs and nonprofit organizations. While there are so many worthy organizations and charities, we focus our support on the 4 impact pillars outline here. Below you will find the eligibility requirements for Diva’s impact program along with how to apply for a donation.

Donation Details


  • Programs that are taking place in communities where Diva works and has a notable presence (primary regions include: Canada and The United States
  • Organizations working within our four impact pillars (listed below)
  • Organizations providing direct community support
  • Priority will be given to organizations that are led by people who have lived experience of the cause they serve  
  • We donate to registered charities, registered non-profit organizations, community groups, and local initiatives
  • Programs and organizations that share their yearly outcomes and/or which produce an annual report  
  • Organizations that share their annual financial statements (audited is preferred but not required) 


How to apply and timelines


  • Organizations providing support primarily to people living rough on the street and without access to clean water on an ongoing basis due to health and safety concerns
  • Private companies or businesses (including for profit doctor’s offices and hospitals)
  • Political organizations or political parties  
  • Religious organizations (of any affiliation)
  • Foundations or granting agencies  
  • Fee-based schools (private schools)
  • Organizations with headquarters not located in the country where the majority of their work takes place
  • Organizations not working within our four impact pillars
  • Organizations operating in regions where Diva does not have a presence  
  • For-profit health programs or hospitals
  • Individuals  
  • We do not offer event sponsorships  


Partnership (Grant) Applications 

The partnerships application portal was open from February 1st – March 11th, 2022. All applicants will hear back regarding their application within 4-6 weeks of the portal closing. All 2022 partnerships will run from May 1st – December 31st.

Information regarding our 2023 grants will be available November 28th, 2022.

Diva’s partnership grants range from $5,000 - $15,000 (CAD).


DivaCup Requests


Diva Cup requests will be accepted on a rolling basis with some closures throughout the year. The DivaCup request portal will be closed for the months of July and August, as well as the months of December and January. Depending on the demand and donation availability, we may cloose the portal att other times throughout the year.

Education Resources Requests 

Are you an educator or nonprofit medical professional? Are you looking for a way to teach others about the DivaCup? You can request a variety of different educational resources from us by completing the form linked below.  

  • 4 Pillars of Diva’s Impact Programs:

Access to Safe and Affordable Menstrual Products

We're committed to creating menstrual equity and believe that everyone should be able to menstruate comfortably and safely. Through providing financial support and DivaCups to organizations working directly with people in need of menstrual products, we're able to advance our commitment to menstrual equity.

  • Menstrual, Reproductive and Sexual Health Care

At Diva, we consider menstrual, reproductive, and sexual health care fundamental rights. We collaborate with organizations that offer inclusive sexual and reproductive health services and education that are rooted in an intersectional approach.

Gender Equity, Empowerment and Liberation

We believe in your freedom. Menstruation is a human experience, not a gendered one. We seek out organizations that invest in the empowerment of BIPOC, women and gender-diverse people.

      • Environmental Stewardship

As a B Corp and sustainable menstrual product company, we put people and the planet first. Through this pillar, we support organizations dedicated to protecting environmental resources.

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