Introducing Diva’s New Impact Program 

Since Diva’s start in 2002, we have supported our community with menstrual care products, financial gifts, and education. In 2019 we formalized this program. We are now known as Diva’s Impact Program.





Introducing our third annual

Diva™️ Impact Report.


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  • 4 Pillars of Diva’s Impact Programs:
  • Access to Safe and Affordable Menstrual Products

We're committed to creating menstrual equity and believe that everyone should be able to menstruate comfortably and safely. Through providing financial support and DivaCups to organizations working directly with people in need of menstrual products, we're able to advance our commitment to menstrual equity.

  • Menstrual, Reproductive and Sexual Health Care

At Diva, we consider menstrual, reproductive, and sexual health care fundamental rights. We collaborate with organizations that offer inclusive sexual and reproductive health services and education that are rooted in an intersectional approach.


  • Gender Equity, Empowerment and Liberation

We believe in your freedom. Menstruation is a human experience, not a gendered one. We seek out organizations that invest in the empowerment of BIPOC, women and gender-diverse people.

      • Environmental Stewardship

As a B Corp and sustainable menstrual product company, we put people and the planet first. Through this pillar, we support organizations dedicated to protecting environmental resources.

Certified B Corp

We are proud to be a company that makes a difference for our community.

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Social Impact Program

We are excited to be launching Diva’s new Social Impact Program

How to Apply for a Donation

Divas recycle

Your cup will never go to waste.

Learn about how your clean cups can be recycled. 

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Our impact Partners

Our mission is to create a world where all people

who menstrate can live life without limits.

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  • At Diva, our impact work is centered at the intersections of climate crises, lack of accessibility to safe and sustainable products, and the destigmatization of a life-giving bodily process. Each of our partners is working hard to create change and we are proud to work with them. 
  • Learn more about our partners here

Words from our CEO

“Since Diva's founding, menstrual equity has been a guiding philosophy of our organization. My personal mission since day one has been to lower access barriers to the products needed to care for one’s period, which is why Diva has donated hundreds of thousands of cups over the last 20 years.  

We have come to realize, however, that simply donating products is not enough to eliminate period poverty or achieve true menstrual equity. Diva’s Impact Program was created to address many systemic issues, , to help create change in the lives of people who menstruate.  

We are committed to a world where having a period doesn't hold you back. We believe in a world where woman and people who menstruate are free."



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