How do I choose between a menstrual cup and disc?

Reusable menstrual cups and discs are great eco-friendly alternatives to tampons and pads.

But what’s the difference between a menstrual cup and disc?

While they serve the same purpose—to collect menstrual flow—they differ in shape, fit, and how they stay in place.

What the DivaCup and Diva Disc have in common

Both the DivaCup and the Diva Disc are made of 100% medical grade silicone, which is soft and firm, but flexible enough to fold to the size of a tampon for easy insertion. Both can be safely worn for up to 12 hours of period protection (though you might expect to empty sooner if you have a heavy flow). And when it's time to replace your DivaCup or Diva Disc? Both can be recycled for free with TerraCycle.

How the DivaCup and Diva Disc Differ

  • Product Fold
  • Cup Positioning
  • Disc Positioning

    • Reusable menstrual discs and cups require different folding techniques for insertion.

      Menstrual Cups like the DivaCup are folded multiple ways to create a narrow tip for insertion.

      Menstrual discs like a Diva Disc are pinched lengthwise to create a slim shape that inserts like a tampon.

    • Menstrual cups rest at the base of the vaginal canal and collect menstrual flow as it is released down through the cervix.

    • Menstrual discs sit slighly higher. They are inserted lengthwise, pushed back towards the tailbone and then tucked behind the pubic bone.

A Matter of Preference

Both menstrual cups and discs provide all-day reusable period protection. Which shape, fit, and seal you prefer is entirely a matter of preference! It may take some trial and error to determine which works best for your anatomy, but both are great options as long-lasting, reusable, and cost effective alternatives to pads and tampons.