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For all your periods.

the most trusted name in reusable period care

After 20 years of championing better, more sustainable period care, DIVA is proud to unveil a brand new look and feel to mark the beginning of a new era of conscious cycle care.

Conscious cycle care means we take a thoughtful and holistic approach to everything we do. And conscious cycle care is for every body.

We celebrate the diversity of attitudes and experiences that are emblematic of having a period. From your first period, to your last, and everything in between, DIVA is your conscious cycle care partner.

What period are you in?

Most stories don't start with a period.

Ours did. For 20 years, we’ve been making each of yours better. For the periods that happen to all of us. And the periods you make happen. We’re not just for a period. We’re for your periods.

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For your let's-talk-about-it period
For your let's-talk-about-it period

Since 2003, DIVA has introduced and onboarded millions of people as they keenly—or anxiously—discovered reusable period care.

We get it. Making the switch to sustainable period care is intimidating. Is it messy? Will it hurt? What about leaks?

If you’re nervous about getting started, we’re here for you.

For your save-the-earth period
For your save-the-earth period

It's true: pads and tampons last a lot longer than a DIVA Cup or Disc, but that's not the kind of long-lasting period care we're into.

Each year, billions of tampons and pads get thrown away.

Is it time to switch to a zero-waste period? Just one DIVA Cup or DIVA Disc can divert over 1000 disposable period products from landfill.

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For your no-filter period
For your no-filter period

It takes courage and resilience to live life unrestrained, but the rewards of embracing your true self will always outweigh the risks of hiding it.

DIVA has propelled menstrual care forward for twenty years, and we're proud to continue our legacy of consciously creating products that bring you confidence during every cycle of your life.

For your invincible period
For your invincible period

When you feel invincible, you approach life with a confidence that propels you forward, even in the face of adversity.

Our dream is to continually upgrade the standard of cycle care.

Ready to tap into the full potential of your period?