how to take out a menstrual cup
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What to Do if You Think Your DivaCup Is “Stuck”

Sometimes DivaCup removal can be tricky. Take a deep breath and try to relax—we’ve got you! There are a couple of common ways that the DivaCup can feel “stuck,” but even more ways to help you release it. 
how to take out a menstrual cup

The vaginal canal is an elastic, muscular tube about 4-5 inches or 10.2-12.7cm long. The DivaCup can’t get “lost” inside of you. In fact, it can’t go very far, as the vagina does not connect to other parts of the body.   
When inserted, the DivaCup should sit low at the base of the vaginal canal, away from the cervix, but positioned to collect flow. You should be able to locate the cup by touching the stem (it should be no more than ½ inch inside the vagina). The stem shouldn’t stick out uncomfortably and the base of your cup should be within reach so that you can grip it, pinch the base and gently pull for removal.   
It can take some time to get the hang of a menstrual cup. When inserting and removing, always wash your hands. Then with a gentle grip on the cup, release the suction by pinching the base of the cup. Pull from the base and never pull on the stem. If your cup is “stuck” or you’re having trouble removing the cup, it’s likely one of three things;   

  • positioning 
  • sizing 
  • pelvic floor strength

First time users often get excited to use their DivaCup overnight, but this isn’t always the best time. When we sleep, our bodies relax and if it hasn’t been inserted correctly, it may move upwards. Make your first try during the day instead.


If you’re wearing it during the day and the cup moves upwards, it may not have been angled correctly when inserted. If the cup is open and creating a seal, it should stay low at the base of the vaginal canal. 


Vaginal canals are different widths and heights, so it’s important to make sure you purchased the right size. If your cup is too small, it might slide down. If your cup is too big, it might slide up. When you’re selecting the size, do not hesitate to reach out to our Consumer Support Team for their assistance. 

Pelvic Floor Strength

Upon insertion, your pelvic floor muscles apply pressure to the cup to hold it in place. If these muscles are weak, the cup may shift down in the vaginal canal. If you feel like they might require strengthening, get in touch with a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist for further guidance.

Alternatively, you may have very strong pelvic floor muscles. Their strength can push in on the cup, breaking the seal, and allowing the cup to shift upwards. A proper seal keeps the cup firmly in place, prevents leaks, and makes removal easier. 

How to remove your DivaCup if it’s “stuck”  

Stress can cause physiological reactions, like contracting the pelvic floor muscles and making removal challenging. In order to relax your body for easier removal, try some of these tips.

  • Focus on deep breathing in order to relax your pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles will naturally tense up if you are feeling stressed or anxious, so it is very important to focus on keeping your body as relaxed as possible before and during removal.

  • If you can’t remove your cup or disc on the first try, take a break and try again later. It might help to take a warm bath/shower, put on relaxing music, or go for a gentle walk, to make you feel more relaxed.

    *If you are wearing a menstrual cup, gravity will eventually bring the cup down a bit as it fills up with menstrual flow. Give it some time to fill up before trying again.

  • Try different removal positions. For example, while standing, prop your foot up on the side of the bathtub, or try removing it in the shower while in a squat position. This may help, as it brings your cervix closer to the vaginal opening.

  • If you are wearing a menstrual disc, try hooking your thumb up into the pull-tab and then pulling using your index finger. Pinching the pull-tab between your index finger and thumb may give you a better grip. Make sure to angle the disc up and toward your body as you remove and go slow.

At any point if you’re having trouble, reach out to our Consumer Experience Team for individualized guidance. 

If you are still unable to remove the DIVA Cup 12 hours after insertion, contact your healthcare provider.