a reusable menstrual disc for mess-free period sex
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How to Have Mess-Free Period Sex

A menstrual disc is a great way to enjoy sex without a mess. Learn more about the benefits and how a menstrual disc works anatomically. 
a reusable menstrual disc for mess-free period sex

Do you avoid penetrative sex because of your period? Period blood can be messy. Maybe you’ve tried dark towels, shower sex, a period blanket, or just throwing caution to the wind and cleaning up afterwards.

While wearing a menstrual cup isn’t an option because of its low placement in the vaginal canal, a reusable disc can be a great option for mess-free period sex! 
Using a menstrual disc for sex is a great way to get all the benefits of period sex without any of the mess. Sex encourages the release of feel-good endorphins, helps you bond with a partner, and can relieve stress, pain, and cramps associated with menstruation. 
Contrary to taboos, menstrual blood is not dirty or dangerous, and it is safe to engage in sexual activity while on your period. In fact, some menstruators experience an increase in arousal during this time. 
Learn more about the benefits of period sex and how wearing a menstrual disc during sex works anatomically. 

Ease the Ache

Hormones shift during your period and the ones responsible for sex drive slowly begin to rise again. This rise can increase desire, after a period of time when low hormones can cause libido to decrease. Some women report that this increase in desire also increases pleasure! But the benefits don’t stop there.  
Think about an orgasm as a massage for your uterine muscles. These are the muscles cramping and causing you period pain. When we orgasm, these same muscles contract and then relax. This subsequent relaxing lessens overall cramping and provides relief. 
Orgasm also triggers the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin. Oxytocin is a bonding chemical, drawing us closer to the people we care for. Endorphins give us a “rush”, helping regulate stress levels and lower pain perception.

Menstrual Disc Insertion

There aren’t any menstrual cups you can have sex with, but luckily, menstrual discs, including the Diva Disc, are designed to be worn in the vaginal fornix, tucked up behind the pubic bone. This higher placement leaves the vaginal canal open, keeping menstrual blood neatly held in the disc.

Menstrual disc insertion for mess-free period sex.

A Menstrual Disc is NOT Birth Control

While sex with a menstrual disc comes with mess-free perks, it does not take the place of birth control. It may look like a diaphragm but does not serve as protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

Mess-Free Period Sex with the Diva Disc

The Diva Disc is our new period hero, with comfortable period protection and up to 12 hours of wear time. It’s a great addition to your reusable menstrual care routine — making period sex mess-free!


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