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Meet the DIVA™ Disc

Unlock the next level of cycle care with the Diva Disc, consciously designed for increased comfort, ease-of-use, and up to 12 hours of continuous period protection. Patent-pending Leakproof Shield™ prevents mid-wear leaks and messy removal. Soft, flexible rim delivers ultimate comfort. Oval-shaped design provides stay-in-place confidence. Anti-slip pull tab stays within reach.

Switch your cycle care and prepare to never look back.

Design + Materials

  • 1.

    Design + Materials

    Flexible Design

    Soft, flexible, 100% medical grade silicone tucks into position and fits securely without suction.

  • 2.

    Design + Materials

    Leakproof Shield™

    Our patent pending Leakproof Shield™ prevents leaks, spills, and messy removal.

  • 3.

    Design + Materials

    Sloped Basin

    The sloped basin collects 36mL of flow—the equivalent of 7 regular tampons.

  • 4.

    Design + Materials

    Removal Tab

    Our anti-slip pull-tab stays within reach for quick and easy removal.

  • 5.

    Design + Materials

    Oval Shape

    The unique oval-shaped design prevents rotation during wear, ensuring the anti-slip pull-tab is easy to find.


How to use

  • Before you begin
  • Insertion
  • Removal
  • Care and Cleansing 

    • Step One.

      Sanitize your DIVA™ Disc

      Before using your DIVA™ Disc for the first time, sanitize it in a pot of boiling water for 5-10 minutes

      Tip: Place your DIVA™ Disc inside a metal whisk to keep it from touching the bottom of the pot.

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    • Step Two.

      How To Insert a Menstrual Disc

      Pinch the DIVA™ Disc lengthwise. Hold the folded disc between your thumb and forefinger with the anti-slip pull-tab facing out and away from your body. Push the opposite end of the pinched disc into your vagina horizontally. Then, tuck it in place behind your pubic bone.

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    • Step Three.

      When it’s time to empty your DIVA™ Disc

      Wash your hands. Using your index finger, untuck the front rim of your DIVA™ Disc from behind the pubic bone. Loop your finger into the anti-slip pull-tab and gently slide the DIVA™ Disc out, keeping it horizontal to avoid spills. Empty your flow into the toilet, sink, or shower.

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    • Step Four.

      Wash your hands, wash your cup 

      Before insertion and after removal, wash your DIVA™ Cup with a mild, artificial fragrance free, oil-free soap like DIVA™ Wash.

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    • Store it

      Always use the cotton pouch to store your DIVA™ Disc between cycles. Keep your DIVA™ Disc away from perfumes and never store it in an airtight container.

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Yes! The DIVA™ Disc is a great option for those with a low cervix. The anti-slip pull-tab will come in handy when it's time to remove your disc.

Ensuring the disc is inserted at the correct angle can help with disc placement with a low cervix.

While you can use a DIVA™ Disc with an IUD, it's always best to talk to your healthcare provider before using any internal menstrual care product with an IUD.

Yes, you can enjoy no mess period sex with the DIVA™ Disc, though we recommend emptying it before getting started. Note that the DIVA™ Disc is not a contraceptive device, and it can’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

The DIVA™ Disc is one-size-fits-most. The disc's soft but firm rim and oval shape help it to stay in place during use and is designed to work with your anatomy for ultimate comfort.

Tried the Diva Disc and it doesn't feel like a fit? Contact support@divacup.com and we can help.

The DIVA™ Disc is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone and pigments.

The Diva Disc is designed to not empty during urination, however depending on anatomy or heaviness of flow, it may empty a bit during urination. That is totally normal to see some blood in the toilet. This is a sign that your pelvic floor muscles are doing their job!

Once your disc is clean and completely dry, store it in the cotton pouch provided away from humidity and scented products. Never store your DIVA™ Disc in an air tight container.

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