Why Diva

This is diva

We’re committed to helping people who menstruate feel good and live freely by creating life-changing, sustainable period care solutions.

  • Innovation

    What began as an idea, became a product that has taken the world by storm. As makers of the Original DivaCup®, we transformed the "feminine hygiene" aisle by relentlessly championing our life-changing period care products.

  • Sustainability

    For the last century, disposable tampons and pads have been disrupting our eco-system with chemicals, plastics and dyes. Now, with safe, comfortable, and cost-effective period care solutions, Diva offers a zero-waste way to manage your period.

  • Quality

    We’ve made quality assurance a top priority when manufacturing our products. Diva is the first and only globally commercialized menstrual cup that is government-approved as a class 2 medical device in seven countries and growing.

  • Consumer experience

    We want you to love your Diva products, and we're here for you as you navigate this step in your period journey. Our multilingual consumer experience team can be reached via phone and email Monday through Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm ET. Or, just send us a DM.

  • Recycle Your Diva Products

    Your cup will never go to waste. Learn about how your clean cups can be recycled.

  • Our impact

    We are proud to be a company that makes a difference for our community.

  • Our Story

    Our founders, a mother-daughter team, are disruptors in the menstrual care industry.