The Original DIVA™ Cup

Find the Best Menstrual Cup for You 

  • Menstrual Cup - Model 0
    Menstrual Cup - Model 0

    For lighter flow days; 4 regular tampon capacity ​
    Best for teens under 18 or first-time users
    Fit for slim vaginal canals

  • Menstrual Cup- Model 1
    Menstrual Cup- Model 1

    For medium to heavy flow days; 5 tampon capacity​
    Best for ages 18+
    Most popular size cup

  • Menstrual Cup - Model 2
    Menstrual Cup - Model 2

    For medium to very heavy flow days; 6 tampon capacity​
    Best for ages 35+ or those with wider vaginal canals
    Fit for post-partum bodies

Meet the Original DIVA™ Cup®—the most trusted name in reusable period care since 2003. The Diva Cup is a more convenient and sustainable alternative to a tampon. Consciously designed for comfort and 12 hours of continuous period protection, and purposefully made to be reusable and better for the planet. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, the Diva Cup contains no added chemicals (no BPA), latex, dyes, or plastics.