working out on your period is easy with DIVA
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Which Product is Best for Working Out on Your Period?

When you were looking for New Year resolution ideas, did you decide to improve your fitness? But maybe working out on your period always throws you off schedule. DIVA has you covered—with all the period products you need to do your work-out of choice even throughout your period.

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    working out on your period is easy with DIVA
    As we kick off a new year, you might be looking for New Year resolution ideas that are good for you and the planet. Let's learn more about the link between making sustainable choices, boosting your fitness, and keeping our mental well-being in check.

    Exercise Routines for Your Period

    2024 is your year for wellness, and it's not just about hitting the gym. It's about finding that sweet spot where your physical and mental health are in harmony. When exercising during your period or for your overall hormone health, it’s important to listen to your body. Wellness comes from recognizing the changes in energy levels throughout your cycle and not pushing too hard, swapping intense exercise for more restorative exercises. This is known as “cycle syncing”. This may help curb disruptive PMS symptoms.
    Let's dive into why prioritizing wellness is the ultimate self-love. 

    Benefits of Exercise for Your Period  

    Engaging in regular physical activity—and making sure it works with your energy levels, instead of fighting against—may reduce menstrual cramps, lower anxiety levels, and keep you feeling good with each phase of your menstrual cycle.
    On the first day of your period, blood flow might be high. This time of the month is a great opportunity to test out the efficacy of your favorite period products.

    The Role of Reusable Period Products  

    The DIVA Cup, DIVA Disc, and DIVA Period Underwear. These aren't just period products; thanks to their long-lasting leakproof protection, they're your partners in achieving mental wellness and fitness goals. No leaks, no distractions—just an upgraded period experience that supports your lifestyle.

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    Practical Ways to Use Reusable Period Products While Working Out

    1. DIVA Cup for Yoga and Pilates:
    • Enjoy the flexibility of movement without worrying about leaks with a DIVA Cup’s secure fit and protection.
    • Wear your DIVA Cup with your favorite yoga pants and seamless panties, without fretting about leaking while attempting crow pose or doing the hundreds.
    • Engage in mindfulness without any disruptions, enhancing the mental health benefits of your practice.
    • Learn our step-by-step approach to using a DIVA Cup here.

    2. DIVA Disc for Running and High-Intensity Workouts:

    3. DIVA Period Underwear for Weightlifting and Strength Training:
    • Tackle your strength goals without the worry of leaks with DIVA Period Underwear.
    • Experience freedom during maximum exertion with ultra-thin, seamless, moisture-wicking bikini briefs that hug you in all the right places.
    • DIVA Period Underwear can be worn under whatever you prefer to wear while strength training—skintight or short shorts! Our bikini cut ultra-thin, ultra-absorbent underwear are there to protect you every rep of the way.
    • Enjoy the mental health benefits of strength training, including increased focus and reduced stress without worrying about your period.
    • Learn more about what makes our DIVA Period Underwear different here.

    We get it, working out on your period can be a hurdle. But reusable period products can help. No more disruptions—just smooth sailing through your fitness routine.

    Mental Well-being and Sustainable Choices  

    Ever thought about how your choices impact your mood? Sustainable living isn't just for the planet; it's a mood lifter. Choosing reusable period products is like a little act of self-care that extends beyond. It adds more simplicity, ease and comfort to your period journey. It's about feeling empowered and confident in your choices.

    Tips for a Healthy and Sustainable New Year  

    Setting fitness goals, practicing mindfulness, and incorporating reusable choices into your daily routine—it's all about making small shifts for a healthier and more sustainable year.  
    And never forget to celebrate the small victories. Wellness isn't about grand gestures or conquering big intimidating goals in one month; it's about how the daily choices that add up. And when it comes to your period journey, consider the ripple effect of positive change that comes with choosing DIVA period products.


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