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Girls Night In or Out? Or What to Do When Your Periods Sync Up

Maybe it’s Galentine’s Day ideas you’re looking for? Or ideas for a girl’s night? Or maybe more opportune—are your periods synching up? Here are top tips for spending time on female friendships, especially when your monthly cycles line up.
girls night
If you’ve been looking for Galentine’s Day ideas—something to do with your best gal pals in the spirit of Leslie Knope—and then your period hits, here are our best recommendations for how to pivot.

Girls Night: It's Time For a Movie Marathon

What are your favorite girl’s night movies? Classic chick flicks can sometimes be problematic. So, while it can be great to watch your high school favorite flicks nostalgically and there’s something to be said for bringing your friends together for some quality time—what if we focused instead on movies that pass the Bechdel test?
Alison Bechdel originated the Bechdel Test with a 1985 comic called, Dykes to Watch Out For. Alison is a cartoonist and writer, famous for her graphic novel, Fun House, which was adapted for stage by Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesori.
A film passes the Bechdel Test if it adequately contains female representation.
To pass the Bechdel Test a film must...
  1. Feature at least TWO women in principal or supporting roles.
  2. These women must talk to one another at some point (ideally a scene alone).
  3. Their conversation must not be about a man.
Simple enough, right? Not so much. Check out a full list of Bechdel-approved films for you and your pals to watch for Valentine’s, if you’re movie marathoning to get through your toughest period days, or anytime you get together.
What about films with sexist or misogynist qualities? How steadfastly does the Bechdel-approved film you chose check off the boxes? Time to discuss!

Code Red on Valentine’s Day

So, you got your period on Valentine’s Day. You might be tempted to cancel all your plans and prioritize your self-care—and that’s okay! Or maybe you’re still down to go ahead with the night you had planned.  
Whether that’s a Galentine’s soiree or a hot date, you should do it if you feel comfortable. Simply put on your DIVA™ Period Underwear or insert your DIVA™ Cup or DIVA™ Disc (or do both, if you want to feel extra safe), pick out your favorite outfit and feel comfortable, confident and protected to enjoy a night out. Got a friend who hasn’t tried DIVA products yet? Treat them to one of these bundles.

Fostering Female Friendships

Hosting a Galentine’s Day party with your closest friends doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. You could host a love-themed book club, a paint and sip, or a breakfast party like they do on Parks and Recreation! Know that you’re benefiting yourselves by simply being together.
Did you know that individuals with close friendships live longer and happier?
Being able to talk to someone about shared experiences, confide in them about your struggles, and help one another navigate life can be incredibly impactful. If you’re someone who identifies as female in a patriarchal society, it can feel even more vital to support one another. 
Here are a few ways to foster these relationships, today and anytime.

  • Make regular dates—away from kids, partners, and in an environment conducive to really connecting. If you can’t be together, make this a biweekly phone call.
  • Plan a girl’s trip. Taking time away from your day-to-day lives together can be both restorative and bonding.
  • Express your appreciation for one another. It might go often unsaid, but it can serve as a nice reminder and strengthen your bond.
  • Treat them how you would like to be treated. Lend an ear when it’s needed, surprise them with heart shaped cookies (and then eat them together while binge watching your favorite show), do face masks together, gift them a great book you just read, or offer to take care something off their to-do list when you can.
Friends really can be a forever support system, when we put time and care into fostering them.  
So, if your periods are syncing up this Valentine’s Day, stay in or go out. Take some of the above tips and run with them. Any way that you do it, spending time together will benefit you both now and in the long run!


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