boiling menstrual cup
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DIVA Responds to Menstrual Cup Reddit Threads—Cleansing

There are often misconceptions around how menstrual cups (and discs) can and should be cleansed. When in doubt, why not take it from the experts themselves?
boiling menstrual cup
There is a lot of information out there. Luckily, we’re here to help you navigate it. Read on for our responses to some DIVA Cup Reddit threads. 

“Do I absolutely have to boil my cup?”

What you said: 
  • It’s good practice to prevent bad bacteria growth in between cycles while stored.
  • I only ever use soap and water and have had mine for 7 years with no problems!
  • A cup steamer is also a good option. 
  • Boiling is too time consuming and deteriorates the silicone.
  • Use sterilizing tablets (like the ones for baby bottles) in cold water.
  • Boiling is only necessary if you drop it in the toilet, used it before or while you had a vaginal infection, or the cup encountered bad bacteria in some other way.
What DIVA says: 
Just like you might wash new clothes before you wear them, we recommend boiling your DIVA Cup (or DIVA Disc) before first use. Store it in a breathable cotton bag, and it’s ready to go when you need it! 
Aside from that, it is not required that you boil your menstrual cup. A fragrance-free, pH-balanced cleanser like DIVA Wash and warm water is adequate for keeping your 100% medical grade silicone cup safe for up to several years.  
If you choose to use other fragrance-free, pH-balanced soaps instead, that is up to you—just make sure that it isn’t negatively affecting your vaginal health, like tissue irritation or infection. We don’t ever recommend using harsh chemicals as this could cause the silicone to deteriorate or disrupt the delicate balance of vaginal bacteria. 
If you choose to also use a cup steamer or UV sterilizer—that is up to you also, as long as you are also regularly cleansing it with DIVA Wash and water. 
Boiling should not deteriorate your cup. Medical grade silicone is incredibly resistant to extreme heat (like from boiling water), extreme cold, as well as potential microbes.  
No studies have currently been conducted on adding sterilizers, such as baby bottle sterilizing tablets, as boiling in plain water or cleansing with DIVA Wash and water is sufficient. 
If your menstrual cup falls in the toilet, is used during infection, or encounters unwanted bacteria in another way, always replace it before your next use. If you’re experiencing an infection, temporarily pause the use of internal devices until it clears. Speak with your medical provider regarding treatment and when it’s safe to return to using your cup. 


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