can you swim with a diva cup
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Swimming With the DivaCup

We’re excited to welcome Katie to the DivaCup blog! She’s a junior in college who loves being active outdoors and in the water. Thanks to the DivaCup, Katie no longer worries about getting her period with her busy and active lifestyle.

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    can you swim with a diva cup

    I am currently a junior in college. I play soccer and softball during the year and during the summer I am in and out of the pool, lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons, surfing in the ocean and running on the beach.

    My life is very active and very busy.

    One day at college, as I entered the bathroom, a girl was standing outside a stall talking to another girl. When I asked them what they were doing, one of them explained the DivaCup to me. The girl outside the stall said she was instructing the other girl on how to insert the DivaCup. She then proceeded to explain to me what it was.

    I was interested but didn’t really think much of it after that.

    This past summer, my cousin and I were taking a scuba diving certification class and the day was fast approaching where we were going to have to spend about 4 hours in a thick wetsuit.  Four days before the certification test I thought about the DivaCup and was really wishing I had one.  I talked to my mom about it. She read the entire website, then said I could get one. So I went out the next day and bought one.  I came home and tried several times to put it in, with little success as to the comfortability of it. As I was complaining to one of my friends that also has the DivaCup, she mentioned I should trim the stem. Brilliant idea! The next day I was able to wear it for the full 12 hours with no problems. And when the certification day came I had no worries.

    My light green swim bottoms were still light green and it was a great feeling.

    The best part about the DivaCup is that you can actually go to the bathroom while wearing it. I was definitely worried about that, no longer need to be concerned. If the DivaCup is properly fitted, you should have no problems. I am able to wake up at 6 am to workout, teach swim lessons at 8, lifeguard for 3 hours, go to work around 3 and come home for dinner at 6, just in time to empty the cup. It’s a wonderful feeling not having to worry about overflowing the tampon anymore… or even having to carry them around!!