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Moon Cycles, Your Period & the December Cold Moon

When you period coincides with a full moon astrologists call this a "red moon cycle". Have you felt lunar and menstrual synchronicities before?

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    red moon cycle

    Did you feel it in the air? We just experienced a December Cold Moon. How could it be affecting your period?

    Menstrual Cycles

    Our menstrual cycle moves us through 4 different phases; menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal, all with their own emotional and physical shifts. If your menstrual cycle has synced up with the lunar cycle though, you might experience menstruation during the full moon. This time of rest, release and replenishment might feel even more energetically charged.  
    When you menstruate with the full moon (and have an “average” 29-day cycle), it means that you’ll ovulate with the new moon. Try harnessing the already high and focused energy of the ovulatory phase to plan your next big project or brainstorm with coworkers.  
    Have you ever experienced these types of synchronicities? 

    Embracing the Natural Cycles of the Moon

    In ancient times, the connection between menstruation and the natural elements was observed. Given that 71% of the Earth’s surface is water and the human body is roughly 80% water, the menstrual and lunar cycles were thought to be similarly affected. Because the gravity of the moon affects Earth’s tides, it is thought that our bodies will respond also. 
    While there is no scientific proof of this, on an individual basis, you might feel your life shifting in a similar rhythm alongside the lunar cycles. Our lives and our menstrual cycles operate cyclically affecting our behaviors, routines, and goals.

    moon cycle period

    Phases of the Moon.

    Some lunar shifts that might align with our menstrual phases might include:

    • Feeling the need to slow down during your luteal phase or at the same time as a waxing moon, or both,
    • feeling open to receiving from and connecting with others while being in the follicular phase of your cycle or at the same time as a waning moon, or again, perhaps both at once.

    These can feel a lot like lunar and menstrual synchronicities. When you find that your period coincides with a full moon, for example, like it might’ve yesterday, astrologists call this a “red moon cycle”.

    Red Moon Cycle

    When your menstrual phase commences with a full moon, they say you have the “wise woman’s cycle”. This means you bleed with the full moon, and then with the new moon, ovulation will occur.  
    If you experience the inverse of a red moon cycle, ovulating with the full moon and bleeding with the new moon, it is called a “white moon cycle”. It is also considered an optimal time to menstruate.  
    If you’re someone who has experienced these synchronicities, you may have been influenced by yesterday’s December Cold Moon.

    The Significance of a December Cold Moon

    You’ve probably heard of the Harvest moon. This is the full moon that takes place in September, commonly associated with harvest season. 
    A December Cold Moon is a full moon, in the cold month of December. However, because this is the last full moon we’ll experience this year, in astrology it also marks the completion of the lunar cycle. It is the last full moon and one that ushers in the coldest season of the year. If you don’t normally chart the moon cycles, you might find it useful to start observing them for introspective purposes; brainstorming or looking inward during the new moon and releasing or letting go of something during the full. 
    This year, the full cold moon occurred earlier in December than it has in previous years. It reached its peak illumination by 11:08 p.m. ET, or 8:08 p.m. PT. 

    Harnessing the Power of the December Cold Moon

    According to counselling astrologer and New York Times bestseller, Chani Nicholas, every sign is being affected by the December Cold moon’s presence.  
    The moon is sharing space with Mars. This provides us with extra vigor, as Mars is the planet of action and confrontation. Tread cautiously as this energy coincides with the full moon, while still allowing it to drive you forward with intention.  
    As we brace for a cold, dark winter, get intentional, reflecting upon the past year, your last menstrual cycle, your health and your future goals. Because the Winter Solstice is not far off, and the days will begin to lengthen again, start preparing for a fresh start, says Nicholas.

    Getting Intentional with Menstruation

    There are a number of ways that we can harness the power of cyclical living. The average menstrual cycle is close to the length of a lunar cycle. And regardless of where your cycle falls within the lunar calendar, the menstrual cycle in and of itself is great for creating habits of reflection and action. 
    During the luteal and menstrual phases, we begin to turn inward, our energy drops, and we might feel more withdrawn. This is a great time to reflect upon the previous month and cycle and check in with yourself.  
    Once your bleed has passed, energy begins to return and by the end of the follicular phase, you’ll feel better prepared for taking on big tasks, as well as getting out and socializing. 
    Whether or not you feel the shifts of the lunar phases, you can always harness the power of the natural rhythms of the menstrual cycle, and life in general. Moon or menstruation, take some time now to look inward and plan for the coming months, a new year — or just your follicular phase, when you’ll be bouncing back with renewed energy and direction.