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Finding Pleasure While on Your Period

Whether you're partnered up or solo, here are ways to enjoy pleasurewhile on your period.

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    Just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean that your libido disappears. How do you feel about sex on your period? Whether you feel up for physical contact or not, there are lots of ways to explore intimacy and seek pleasure, alone or with a partner. To engage in intimacy and pleasure mess-free, can you have sex with a menstrual disc in?
    Diva contributor, Janu Yasotharan, wrote a piece about navigating intimacy and sex on their period for six years. Here are their top recommendations (as well as ours) for how you can engage in pleasure while on your period.

    If you don’t feel like physical contact

    • Go out on a date (and have up to 12 hours of period protection) 
    • Plan a date night in (just for you) 
    • Go to a movie or your favourite cozy restaurant 
    • Cook your favourite meal at home

    If you’re seeking physical contact

    • Take a warm bath together 
    • Give or get a massage 
    • Cuddle up on the couch 
    • Spend time kissing

    If you’ve been together awhile, sometimes going back to the basics can spark new intimacy and pleasure. And if you’re starting something new, take time to really enjoy all the steps that lead towards greater intimacy.  

    If you’re solo, engage in similar activities, like self-massages, cuddling up on the couch or taking a warm bath, to provide you and your body with the types of tender love and care you deserve.

    period sex

    Read the whole piece here.

    Some people find that their libido increases during their period. If this is the case for you, don’t let a little mess prevent you from receiving and giving pleasure.

    If you’re interested in mess-free penetrative sex on your period

    • Get in the shower 
    • Put down a dark towel 
    • Close and easy positions can increase feelings of intimacy (and reduce mess)  
    • Use protection, helps with clean-up and prevents the spread of bacteria 
    • Wear a reusable menstrual disc like the Diva Disc

    “The shame surrounding periods and sexual pleasure for anyone with a vagina deprives so many of us of our well-deserved O’s. Suppose you try it and don’t like it? That’s okay too.” says Janu.

    sex on your period
    To explore pleasure mess-free, can you have sex with a menstrual disc?

    Can you have sex with a menstrual disc?

    Yes! The positioning of the Diva Disc in the vaginal fornix means you can enjoy mess-free penetrative sex while on your period. It’s perfect for all things intercourse. Always remember to wash your hands before you insert and remove your internal period products and empty it first before wearing the disc during sex. This will help prevent mess.

    Can you have sex with a menstrual cup?

    If we’re talking intercourse, the answer is no, due to its positioning in the vaginal canal. But the DivaCup is a great option for all things outercourse.  
    If you experience a heavy period, both cups and discs are great options for finding pleasure while on your period. Finding a period product that allows you to engage in mess free sexual activity means pleasure any time of the month.

    can you have sex on your period

    Pleasure and Sex on Your Period

    If you’ve been looking for ways to explore pleasure and sex on your period, hopefully you’ve now discovered a few ways that feel comfortable and suitable for you.  
    “Period sex required vulnerability, for me at least,” says Janu. “The icing on the cake was just how relieving it was for menstrual cramps and what a mood booster it was.” Pleasure shouldn’t be off-limits because period sex feels taboo or you worry about making a mess. Try keeping a washcloth or pH-balanced wipes nearby for quick clean ups, as Janu recommends. 

    “I honestly feel like all you need is to feel safe and somewhat know what to expect, have consent—of course—and not see yourself as ‘gross’ or ‘messy’ when you are beautiful, magical and beyond worthy of feeling incredible. And I mean, when has good sex ever not been messy? Nothing a dark towel can’t fix.” 
    *Disclaimer: Menstrual cups and discs are not a replacement for birth control. They will not protect against sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy.