traveling on your period
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How to Travel While on Your Period

The timing of your period can be a real pain. But just because you’re on your period while traveling doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Here are our top tips for being prepared enough to forget you’re on your period and just enjoy your trip.

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    traveling on your period
    The timing of your period can be a real pain. But just because you’re on your period while traveling doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Here are our top tips for being prepared enough to forget you’re on your period and just enjoy your trip. 

    Be Prepared

    Before you leave the house make sure you’re prepared with any menstrual products you might need. Ensure you’ve got your DIVA Cup or DIVA Disc packed, your Shaker Cup, and a tube of DIVA Wash. One DIVA Cup or Disc replaces the need for many disposable pads and tampons, or sanitary pads.

    Both can be worn for up to 12 hours of leakproof protection. Most menstruators like to remove, empty and cleanse their DIVA product 2-3 times throughout the day, to prevent leaks and to feel comfortable. Get a sense of where and when you might be able to empty your menstrual cup. If your flight is 6 hours, empty, cleanse and re-insert before take-off, then when you land, visit the bathroom before leaving the airport again. 

    Wear Comfortable Clothing

    Whether it’s a car ride, a flight, or a canoe trip, make sure you’re wearing clothes that you find comfortable and non-restrictive. Keeping yourself comfortable and relaxed is key. Avoid tight waistbands, and instead opt for loose pants or tops, or a comfortable pair of high waisted pants. It also doesn’t hurt to have a change of clothing in your carry-on or backpack, just in case.  
    Period underwear made from absorbent material is a great option for long hours travelling. Even though a menstrual cup or disc is inserted into the vagina and designed to collect your flow, period underwear provides extra protection in case your distance between bathrooms proves longer than expected. It’s always better to play it safe than to risk ruining your clothing—especially while traveling!

    If you’re someone who experiences breast tenderness prior to and/or during our period, a comfortable bra can go a long way. Pack loose-fitting tops to wear over top your most comfortable bra to increase your comfort. 

    Pack Tea for Nausea and Cramping

    Don’t assume that you’ll be able to find everything you need where you’re going! And when you’re nauseous, cramping, or feeling stressed, sipping hot tea can help calm your body and your nerves.

    Most hotel rooms, airplanes and gas stations have hot water available, and a nice cup of peppermint, ginger or raspberry leaf tea can make a world of difference.

    Peppermint, ginger, chamomile, licorice root, green tea, or even black tea can be great to have on hand if you suffer from motion sickness. An alternative to tea is essential oils. Rubbing a bit of peppermint oil into your hairline can provide relief from headaches during a long car ride or flight.

    Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

    Hydration is really important for feeling good throughout your cycle. By bringing a reusable bottle, you can ensure you always have access to water to help you feel better from a number of symptoms.
    Depending on where you are traveling you may even want to invest in a reusable bottle that has a filter in it.  
    If you’re backcountry camping, for example, make sure to also bring enough potable (safe to drink) water so that you can properly cleanse your DIVA Cup or Disc. You never want to cleanse internal menstrual products with water that wouldn’t be safe to drink, regardless of what cleanser you use. Use DIVA Wash or mild, oil-free, fragrance-free soap with safe to drink water to ensure your cup/disc is clean and safe to use.

    Buy a Heat Pad or Hot Water Bottle for Period Pain Relief

    When a warm bath is out of the question, a hot water bottle can be a great alternative for dealing with period cramps. Menstrual pain can interrupt the enjoyment of your trip, and a hot water bottle or small heat pad can be easy enough to fold up and pack.
    If you’re on a train, plane, or in the car, access to hot water (like the boiling water you received for your tea) can mean the difference between crippling cramps and sweet relief. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on enough warm water to fill your hot water bottle. 

    Make Yourself a Travel Kit

    Feeling fresh, comfortable and clean is important, but can be hard to do when traveling. Here’s a summary of a DIVA recommended travel kit.
    Travel Kit:
    DIVA Cup and/or DIVA Disc, or a bundle of the two
    Shaker Cup
    DIVA Wash
    Comfortable clothing
    Period underwear
    Reusable water bottle
    Travel-size heat pad or hot water bottle
    OTC period pain relief medication