do menstrual cups hurt for virgins
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Top Menstrual Cup Myths Busted

For many, menstrual cups are new period products they're still learning about. Maybe your fears around discomfort, mess or your anatomy still have you thinking menstrual cups are bad, when in fact, they’re safe, comfortable, and have a longer wear time than pads and tampons. That's why we gathered the top myths about menstrual cups and provided facts to help eliminate your fears.
do menstrual cups hurt for virgins
There are lots of menstrual cup myths circulating online. Whether you’ve been asking, “can a menstrual cup get stuck?” or “do menstrual cups hurt for virgins?”, we’ve got the answers to dispel common myths and mitigate any fears standing in your way.  

Are Menstrual Cups Painful/Uncomfortable?

The DIVA Cup is made of soft and flexible 100% medical grade silicone and is a comfortable alternative to disposables. That said, physical tension can manifest due to fear or anxiety around insertion and/or removal. Taking a few deep breaths, relaxing your body and thinking positive thoughts is the best way to mitigate this. Like trying anything new, it may take several cycles before mastering the process. Be kind and patient with yourself! This first-time user's blog post may also offer some helpful tips for success.
If your menstrual cup is protruding beyond the vaginal opening, the stem might cause some discomfort or irritation. Trimming the stem can resolve this issue. However, never cut more than one-quarter inch.  
If you find your menstrual cup is uncomfortable even after checking that it’s open and positioned correctly, adjusting it, or that it slips out or leaks, you might not have the right fit. When choosing a menstrual cup, it’s important to do your research. Check out our helpful guide here. Our expert Consumer Experience Team is also always available to help.

Do Menstrual Cups Hurt for Virgins?

Using a menstrual cup will not necessarily hurt more because you are a virgin. Because the vaginal canal is a muscle, designed to expand and contract, realistically, anyone can use a menstrual cup as soon as they get their period. It may take some time to get comfortable with the process, get your pelvic floor muscles to relax, and make inserting a menstrual cup feel quick and easy.  

If you have any other questions about the DIVA Cup and virginity, read more here.

Will a Menstrual Cup Stretch my Vagina?

The vagina is designed to expand and contract—it may have delivered or will deliver a baby someday! Wearing a menstrual cup will not stretch out these muscles.  
If you are struggling, working on pelvic floor strength (and relaxation) may help keep it correctly placed. You can work on these muscles through many forms of regular exercise.  
If you suspect dysfunction, pain inserting, bladder or bowel leakage, seek out the help of a certified pelvic health specialist to assess the muscles and help you to work on them. While Kegels, performed on your own, may be helpful, this isn’t always the case. Dysfunction can also occur from an excess of tension in these muscles.

vagina anatomy for using a DIVA Cup

Can a Menstrual Cup Get Stuck or Lost Inside the Vagina?

A menstrual cup cannot get lost inside the vagina. The distance from the vaginal opening to the tip of the cervix is, on average, between 1.8” - 2.25”. Your cervix is a tight sphincter leading to the uterus. The uterus does not connect to other parts of the body. So, there is nowhere for your DIVA Cup to go.
If you cannot reach it to remove it, do not panic. If you’ve inserted the cup recently, allow some more time to pass and menstrual flow to collect to help lower it.  
Take a deep breath and come back to it in a few minutes after you’ve had some time to relax. In the rare case that it’s been in for 12 hours and you’re still unable to remove it, seek medical assistance.  

Are Menstrual Cups Messy? 

Using a menstrual cup doesn’t have to be any messier than using a tampon. Generally, internal menstrual products will be a little messy to start, but before you know it, you’ll have a system down that is quick, easy and mess-free!

Can You Wear a Menstrual Cup Overnight?

Yes, you can sleep with a menstrual cup in. In fact, compared to bulky pads or tampons, which should never be worn for more than 8 hours, many DIVA Cup users prefer it because it provides up to 12 hours of leak-free protection. If you’re new to cups and want to rest even easier, try coupling your DIVA Cup with a pair of DIVA Period Underwear.  
Switching to a reusable menstrual cup can mean the difference between having to frequently change your tampon or pad, and not. The DIVA Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time—leak free! Plus, it’s better for the environment, reducing the number of disposables ending up in landfill by 1,000 per cup. Think of the cost-savings of buying one menstrual cup and using it for the next several years! It is more comfortable, convenient and cost-effective than monthly pads and tampons. We hope you’re ready to make the switch!
If you have any additional concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Consumer Experience Team. They’re available to help demystify the unknown and help you find success with your DIVA Cup and other DIVA products.


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