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how to use a diva cup for beginners
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Switching to a DivaCup: A cycle-by-cycle guide to ditching disposables

Switching to a menstrual cup can be intimidating. Here's a cycle-by-cycle guide to help ease your transition to a zero-waste period.

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    how to use a diva cup for beginners

    Switching to a DivaCup can be intimidating. Maybe the thought of using insertables steers you away from a menstrual cup altogether. Perhaps the prospect of leaking keeps you clutching your disposable pads. Or maybe it just seems messier than whatever you’re currently doing to manage your period. 

    If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind when considering a switch to a zero-waste period, read on. We have cycle-by-cycle tips on switching to a DivaCup.

    You’ve made the decision to switch to a DivaCup. Now what?

    Congratulations! You’ve decided to switch from disposables to zero-waste period care. Not only will you help divert disposable period products from a landfill, but you’ll save money in the long run as well.

    But switching to a DivaCup can take time. It’s important to remember that making the switch doesn’t need to be all-or-nothing. Be patient, go with your flow, and remember that our amazing consumer support team is always here for you.

    Your first cycle using a DivaCup

    We get it, you’re scared of leaks. This is one of the primary reasons why users hesitate to switch to a DivaCup. The truth is, leaks can happen when your cup isn’t positioned properly. Once you master insertion, leaks should be a thing of the past. (If they aren’t, here are 6 ways to troubleshoot).

    Cycle 1, Day 1

    Use your disposables like usual. Get through the worst days of your period using a method that’s already comfortable for you, and familiar.

    Cycle 1, Days 2-4

    Depending on your flow, you might choose to get started anywhere from Days 2 and 4 of your cycle, when your flow is lighter. Your DivaCup is boiled, cooled, and ready to be inserted for the first time. This is the hardest part! Be patient and remember that practice makes perfect. 

    We recommend hopping into the shower when you’re set to try your DivaCup for the first time. It will alleviate the pressure of not making a mess and will give you space to make sure your DivaCup is inserted properly. 

    Get familiar with the fold method that you’d like to try. We recommend starting with the U-fold. The key here is to make sure your cup is opened up completely, and to rotate it 360-degrees so that it creates a leak-proof seal.

    Pro tip: While you’re getting used to insertion, pair your DivaCup with period underwear or a disposable pad that you already have. 

    Did that first time go ok? Try again the next day, or try wearing your DivaCup overnight. The DivaCup is safe to wear for up to 12 hours, though you may need to empty and clean it more frequently depending on your flow.

    Did it create more stress? We’ve been there. Wash your DivaCup with a gentle cleanser and store it in its cotton pouch until your next cycle.

    Your second cycle using a DivaCup

    Cycle 2, Day 1

    Feeling brave? Try inserting your DivaCup to see if you remember the feel from your last cycle. Wear period undies or a pad you already have, just for peace of mind. 

    Though you can wear your DivaCup for up to 12 hours, your flow may warrant more frequent changes. Since it’s your first time using your cup on the first day of your cycle, check things out at the 6-8 hour mark. The DivaCup comes with flow lines to help you gauge the volume of your flow.

    Cycle 2, Day 2-7

    Are you starting to get more confident with your insertion method? Maybe now’s a good time to try the Push-Down fold to see if you prefer it to the U-Fold.

    Now is also the time to skip the backup protection. Pick a light-flow day where you don’t have plans to be out of the house, so if there are leaks, you can manage comfortably.

    Chances are, things are going well and you are loving your new zero-waste period! If you’re still not sure about how DivaCup can fit into your period care arsenal, please contact our Consumer Experience Team. We’ll guide you through your cycle to ensure that you find the right size cup, the best fit, and everything else in between. There’s no such thing as TMI, and we have heard it all.

    According to our users, it takes about three cycles to become totally comfortable using a DivaCup. So if you’ve made it this far, you’re well on your way. Keep practising and you’ll have it committed to muscle memory in no time.

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