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menstrual cup insert
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Menstrual cup won’t seal?

Getting the proper seal on your menstrual cup, once inserted and fully open, is an important part of getting comfortable. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you master the menstrual cup seal.
menstrual cup insert
The DivaCup is designed to seal naturally in place with the help of the vaginal muscles. The rim of the period cup, and the four tiny holes around it are vital. They help create a natural seal with the walls of the vagina.

If inserted correctly, your DivaCup shouldn’t leak. Inserting a finger and sliding it around the cup once inserted is a good way to ensure that it has fully opened in your vagina. If you feel a small dent, try pushing your finger against your vagina to make room for the cup to fully open.

You can also grip the base of the cup (not the stem) and turn the cup one complete rotation, that’s 360 degrees. This helps the period cup unfold and create a leakproof seal.

how to put in a period cup
A menstrual cup fully open and preventing leaks: A DivaCup is inside of a clear vase, demonstrating the leak-proof seal.

What are the 4 holes under the rim for?

The four holes under the rim are what helps your DivaCup seal in place against the walls of your vagina. Goodbye leaks.

How do I clean the 4 tiny air holes?

Sometimes the four holes around the rim of the cup can become blocked with flow during removal. You can clean the holes by filling the menstrual cup with water and placing your palm over the opening. With your palm facing down, squeeze the water out. You want to ensure that water is flowing through all four holes. These holes are important to ensure a proper seal. Read more about cleaning your cup here.

put a cup in it
Holes at the rim of your cup: A woman holds her hand over the opening of the menstrual cup to push water through the holes in order to keep them clean.

My cup keeps sliding down. Do I need a bigger size?

The DivaCup comes in three different sizes: Model 0 (perfect for teens, new users, and those with a light flow), Model 1 (great for a medium flow, if you’re very active or anyone under the age of 30), and last but not least, Model 2 (perfect for those over 30, who have given birth or people with heavier flows).

When positioned correctly, the DivaCup shouldn’t move out of place. If you find that the cup is sliding down after insertion, this could indicate that the cup isn’t sealed in place or that you might need to go up a size. Learn about cup sizing here.

You can contact our Consumer Experience Team for any sizing questions you may have.

What happens if I don’t break the seal?

Just like trying to pull on a sealed plunger, things could get messy if you try to pull on the cup without breaking the seal. Plus, your vagina is a sensitive area, you wouldn’t want to put stress on it. To remove, you must pinch the base of the cup to break the seal before gently pulling it down while wiggling it from side to side. You can then empty the contents in the toilet, wash and reinsert.

I can’t break the seal, and my cup is difficult to remove.

If this is your first time using the DivaCup, it might be difficult to remove your cup if you’re nervous. You are most likely tensing your pelvic floor muscles, so try to relax! It may also help to practice some breathing exercises just before removing the cup. You know the feeling you get after holding your urine for a while and then finally being able to pee. That’s the feeling of relaxed pelvic floor muscles. You can also take a warm bath or a hot shower to relax prior to removal. 

You’ll get the hang of it after a few cycles!

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