international women's day
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International Women’s Day 2023 (IWD) with Diva Staff

For International Women’s Day 2023, we spoke to some of our incredible Diva staff to share period stories and lessons, as well as their picks for the products they are raving about!

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    international women's day


    Consumer Experience Team Lead

    international women's day

    What is your ideal period day?

    I love to get cozy in bed, with a warm cup of tea, and play Cat Café. If you don’t have a cat of your own (or even if you do!), try this next time you’re on your period. Taking care of both yourself and a furry friend might be just what you need.

    What have you learned while working at Diva?

    Diva has taught me to be open and self-aware of my menstrual health but also my mental health in a work environment. Working in Consumer Experience is very rewarding but can also be challenging. I really appreciate Diva for providing me with a safe space in which I can re-centre and be mindful of my own energy.

    What’s your favourite Diva product?

    The Diva Disc was a total game changer for me. I love how soft the basin and rim are, and once in place, I know I can trust it. The pull-tab also makes it super easy to remove. Absolutely love my Diva Disc!


    Impact & Communications Coordinator

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    How do you take care of yourself while you’re on your period? 

    It might seem basic but when someone suggested using a heating pad on my period—it changed my life! My favourite self-care practice though is simple. Showering and using all my favourite body lotions or scents afterwards. Feeling fresh during my period is always the best feeling. 
    What have you learned while working at Diva?  
    That the vagina is incredible and that thinking the vagina is gross, smelly or inherently dirty is internalized misogyny. The same internalized misogyny applies to how I used to think about periods. I had always felt self-conscious about my period and never wanted to talk about menstruation with anyone other than my best friends or my mom. After working at Diva, I am filled with gratitude for what my body can do every month and how getting my period usually means my hormones are regulating themselves. It is a beautiful thing and it can indicate a lot about your health. Listening to your body is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    What’s your favourite Diva product?

    Lately, I’ve been recommending the Diva Disc to all my friends. Some of my friends were worried about trying the DivaCup since there’s a bit of a learning curve with insertion and removal—the disc seemed more intuitive for them!


    Retail Sales Manager

    international women's day 2023

    What do you remember about your first period? 

    When my period arrived for the first time, I was ready. My mother had had ‘the talk’ with my sister and me in previous months and it was a beautiful moment! She explained everything in such a loving way that when it finally arrived it was a moment of joy. Now that I have a daughter, I want her first period to be the same, to be a moment of joy and pride in being a woman. She is already prepared for the day and so am I. 
    What have you learned while working at Diva? 
    In the past 5 years, I’ve grown so much in terms of how I see my period. It used to be something I was almost ashamed of, but since working at Diva, I feel empowered to speak and educate about it.  
    I’ve had the opportunity to help our products reach 11 different countries and it’s been a beautiful ride! I’ve witnessed how people from other countries are evolving in the way they see their periods and how open they are to try life-changing products like the DivaCup.

    What’s your favourite Diva product?

    DivaCup has been part of my life for many years. I love how I literally forget that I have my period and can do pretty much anything with it!

    Working at Diva on International Women's Day

    Working in the period care industry and at a company like Diva gives the opportunity to learn about and care for menstruating bodies in empowering ways. It doesn’t take long to learn a lot. Or start to reduce some of the stigmas felt around periods in general. Paid Menstrual Leave allows Diva employees time to rest, attend to any pains or other symptoms, and do so in a respected environment that doesn’t leave them feeling “weak” or “crazy” for needing to do so.  
    This International Women’s Day 2023, Diva is grateful for this incredible team and the safe and supportive environment that they provide.