how to clean diva cup
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How to clean your menstrual cup | DivaWash

Buying a menstrual cup is the first step to a better period. Read more on how to clean your menstrual cup and expand its lifespan!
how to clean diva cup

Using a menstrual cup over disposable products is a beautiful solution to reducing waste and for your personal health. Your health is a priority when putting things up your vaginal canal, so you need to treat it like royalty; that is why we developed DivaWash to clean your menstrual cup.

DivaCup, for example, is produced by a certified manufacturing site that specifically manages medical devices. This menstrual cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone, which means there are no chemicals, plastic, or dyes in your vagina. 

Sweet, right? We think so.  

Maintaining your menstrual cup

Even with a safe product that puts your reproductive health first, you still have a responsibility to use it properly. When you start using a DivaCup, it is important to boil it for disinfection and to wash your hands prior to insertion. If you care for your DivaCup correctly it will extend its lifespan! 

Between uses, you need to clean it. 

Some considerations when cleaning your menstrual cup 

At home remedies can be good if using the proper treatments, but this can be tricky.  

Things to never use: 

  • vinegar 
  • scented or fragranced soap 
  • oil-based soap 
  • anti-bacterial soap 
  • baking soda 
  • hydrogen peroxide 
  • bleach 
  • dishwashing soap 
  • dishwasher
  • microwave


Instead of taking your chances with DYI washes, we recommend you use DivaWash.

Reasons why you should try DivaWash: 

  • It is designed specifically for the product
  • This cleanser helps the pH balance of your vagina
  • DivaWash is plant-based and animal/cruelty-free
  • The product has a natural citrus scent with no added perfumes or chemicals
  • Best stored in room-temperature places like your DivaCup
  • You get 118 ML per tube (or 60 ML for travel size- perfect for airport security!) which will last you a good chunk of time before needing to re-purchase

If you would like more information on how to clean your menstrual cup or the Diva Care & Cleaning Product line, please visit our product pages for a list of ingredients and additional information.