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How Has Our Packaging Changed?

Our sustainable packaging has received a glow up! It embraces our new look and feel, and furthers our sustainability efforts with new fully recyclable packaging.

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    period company
    DIVA has been around for over 20 years. And in this new era, we continue to bring you products that are sustainable, reliable, cost-effective, convenient, and comfortable.

    To better encapsulate 
    the brand we are today, we’ve made some changes

    Our Sustainable Packaging

    Seeking out more sustainable packaging solutions is always on our agenda! And we’re always looking for ways to minimize our environmental impact, whether it’s the product itself or how we transport it.  
    Our folding cartons are now designed with fully recyclable packaging; made from paper and without any plastic elements. Where there was once a PVC window is now an embossed illustration of the DIVA Cup and DIVA Disc. This eliminates the need to remove the PVC window before being able to toss it in your curbside recycling bin. 
    Our packaging is printed using water and vegetable-based inks, making it more earth-friendly when recycled. Both the lid and base of the box are easily collapsible for recycling purposes. 
    Our new boxes are slightly smaller, but again a uniform size and shape to maximize packing and shipping efficiencies to reduce transportation costs and resources. Looking for your DIVA Cup size? Check out the top right corner: all model sizes are indicated in a colour-coded circle.  
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    Eco Friendly Accessories

    Our DIVA Wash has also received a glow up! It’s the same plant-based, pH-balanced cleanser you love, but its packaging has become even more eco-friendly. Both the tube and cap continue to be curbside recyclable and the new tube is now made from 90% post-consumer recycled materials! 
    The carrying pouch that you receive with your DIVA Cup or DIVA Disc is made from 100% organic cotton, making it an eco-friendly—and safe—way to store your reusable period products. 
    Every DIVA Cup or DIVA Disc package includes a recyclable user guide. The user guide you receive has been simplified to reduce the amount of paper used. This means fewer raw materials, less time to produce them, and less weight for more efficient transport.  
    period company

    DesignColor & Fonts

    Our new packaging is more sophisticated and grounded, to reflect the 20-year legacy that DIVA has created. We’re a trusted brand that has paved the way for many eco-friendly menstrual journeys, as well as many other reusable period products. As such, we want our brand and packaging to both reflect how far we’ve come, and lay the groundwork for the exciting years ahead.  
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    A New Era of DIVA

    As a leader in our industry, we continue to innovate to match your needs, as well as reduce our carbon footprint (and yours) in all that we do. By elevating your confidence with our products, we hope to elevate the industry as a whole.  
    While our appearance might have changed, we’re still the DIVA that you know and love. All orders placed on ShopDiva will ship with our rebranded packaging. And in the coming months, keep an eye out for our new packaging as it rolls out to your local retailers!