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DivaCup X Plastic Free July

This Plastic Free July, we're highlighting the DivaRecycles partnership with TerraCycle. Recycling your Diva products helps lower both our carbon footprints and improve our environment.

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    DivaCup is well known for its reusable period cups. It is one of the most eco-friendly menstrual products on the market. DivaCup X Plastic Free July uses the DivaRecycles Program with TerraCycle. This is our way of limiting our environmental impact with our products, but we need your help to implement it.

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    What is Plastic Free July

    Plastic Free July is a global movement that reduces plastic pollution. In addition, their goal is to eliminate waste that ends up in landfills, oceans, and streets. Plastic Free July is a fun challenge that helps you become more environmentally conscious. No matter where you work, go to school or live, every small act can make a significant impact. Therefore, anyone can contribute.

    Visit to learn more.

    The impact of disposable menstrual products

    Numbers do not lie; let’s check out some figures.

    A Case Study conducted by Gendered Innovations at Stanford University compared the environmental impacts of three disposable branded products and DivaCup.

    Here are the results:

      *For privacy we removed brand names- review study for full scope*

    The value of reusable menstrual products

    Susan E Powers conducted a study we will highlight from Clarkson University. Clarkson measured the value of reusable feminine hygiene products evaluated by comparative environment life cycle assessment.

    While some people need to use disposable products- and that’s ok- this study uncovered the impact of reusable products. For instance, Powers found that menstrual cups used for one year were less than 1.5% of the environmental effects of disposable products and approximately 10% of the cost. 

    If the figures above were not convincing, see what the makers of Plastic Free July think about menstrual products’ impact on the environment.

    If you are motivated to make a change, here are some points presented by Plastic Free July:

    • The packaging used for applicators, tampons, and sanitary pads all contain single-use plastics for example.
    • Similarly, an alarming number of products get flushed down the toilet instead of disposing of properly, which results in blocking sewerage pipes and waste in water treatment plants.
    • Consequently, disposable products can impact wildlife as they can end up in rivers or oceans and cause ingestion issues for animals.

    These are just a few items to note, but you get the point.

    Above all, reusable menstrual products like the DivaCup reduce waste significantly, keeping our oceans clean and invasive production low. In addition, using a DivaCup helps you practice the five Rs in Plastic Free July while managing your menstrual cycle; Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle.

    With a DivaCup, you are refusing to use one-time products. As a result, you reduce waste. In addition, you reuse the period cup in every cycle. Once it is time to switch your cup, you can recycle it through the DivaRecycles program, and it is repurposed into something new!

    What is TerraCycle?  

    TerraCycle is a social enterprise whose goal is to eliminate the idea of waste. In other words, they tackle this issue from different angles in its recycling program. TerraCycle partners with all types of brands and products that give rewards for using their programs.

    Coolwhy should I bother with this over my recycling bin at home?

    TerraCycle specializes in making hard-to-recycle materials into new products. For instance, not all plastics are recyclable for your bin at home. This is an excellent alternative to plastics going into the ocean or landfills.

    How does TerraCycle work?

    Using DivaCup as an example, once collected, the DivaCup is cleaned, shredded, and put through a hammermill until reduced into a powder. This powder can make recycled products such as flooring tiles, playground or field covers, athletic tracks, etc. According to the TerraCycle website, their process starts with their in-house scientists analyzing the materials to determine which method is needed to process them into new materials. After that, manufacturing companies buy the materials and use them to produce end-products, such as furniture or storage containers.

    DivaCup X Plastic Free July

    DivaCup’s partnership with TerraCycle is a great way to participate in Plastic Free July. The rewards system in the program is available to motivate DivaCup users to recycle through this program instead of using your recycling bin at home.

    The DivaRecycles Program involves shipping your DivaCup products to TerraCycle and get up to 100 points per pound. After that, all awarded TerraCycle points can be allocated toward charitable gifts (in partnership with TerraCycle) or redeem payment of $0.01 per point to the non-profit organization or school of your choice. In addition, if you would like to donate to Plastic Free July, you can gather products with your friends into one shipment to donate.

    Send products to the DivaRecycles Program

    Participation is simple and free!

    1. Create an account on and join the DivaRecycles Program
      • If you live in the US or Canada, collect your DivaCups, DivaWipes and outer packaging with your friends (reduce carbon footprint by collecting them in one package!) into any box you have.
    2. Login to your account, download a pre-paid shipping label, print, and head to your nearest post office.
    3. Visit your local post office to send your package, (do not worry, Diva covers the shipping cost!), and that is it; you have done your part!

    When the package is received, you get points as a result in your account and therefore can donate. Sign up for DivaRecycles!

    Follow DivaCup on social for fun initiatives

    DivaCup works hard to create fun initiatives that make an impact on our planet and communities. For example, during Plastic Free July, DivaCup partnered with some fantastic brands to bring you a low-waste Giveaway of up to an $875 value on social media.

    Follow us today to keep up with our impact work.



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