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Are DIVA’s the Best Period Underwear on the Market?

Being a conscious consumer means becoming aware of the health and safety of period products, finding the products that best suit your needs, and aligning your purchases with companies whose mission and values most match your own. So, how does DIVA Period Underwear compare to other period underwear on the market?

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    period underwear brands
    We’re all trying to be more conscious consumers. If you’re shopping for period underwear, you’re likely looking to make more eco-friendly choices for your period, find comfort and ease that exceeds that of disposables, and being aware of chemicals to avoid (like PFAS).
    But, how does DIVA’s new Period Underwear compare to other period underwear brands?

    Fit and Function of DIVA Period Underwear

    DIVA Period Underwear was made with ultra-thin, 4-way stretch fabric to hug and conform to your body like a second skin. When using period underwear, they should always feel secure for comfort and protection.
    The 10” gusset has a moisture-wicking top layer made with patented DryTec technology to keep you feeling dry, while the inner layers work to be super absorbent. What sets us apart is also our zinc-infused layer, which helps to repel odor-causing microbes, keeping you feeling fresh and free from harmful bacteria which can disrupt vaginal pH.
    DIVA Reusable Period Underwear has an 81% recycled polyester and 19% elastane body for 4-way stretch comfort, and the seamless construction makes it invisible under your clothing. You can have the level VPL-free confidence you get with regular underwear any day of the month!

    what are the best period underwear?

    DIVA—the Best Period Underwear for Heavy Flow

    DIVA Period Underwear was designed as a bikini cut (our founder, Carinne’s favorite cut!) with an extra-long, 10” ultra-absorbent gusset for maximum coverage and the ability to absorb up to 9 regular size tampons of flow.
    Many period underwear designs on the market have 8-9" gussets, which means less absorbency and less wear time. Most ultra-absorbent pairs can hold up to 8 tampons worth of flow. We wanted to take period care one step further, providing both extra coverage and boost the absorbency without sacrificing the thinness of the gusset.

    Our testing process was also slightly different. Normally, when period underwear is tested, companies will use about 30mL or equivalent to 6 tampons—the amount held by our Model 2 DIVA Cup—of artificial menses to confirm that with up to this amount there are no leaks.
    When we tested DIVA Period Underwear, we decide to test to the point of leaking. This meant we continued to add artificial menses until it leaked! We were amazed to find that our period underwear held 45mL of artificial menses, the equivalent of 9 regular tampons’ worth of blood, more than our DIVA Disc and 15mL more than the average pair of period underwear. Plus, this was only our sizes XS/S small—meaning the larger sizes have an even greater absorbency of menstrual fluid.

    Style and Color

    While other companies have produced many different cuts and colors, we wanted to start with one design and perfect it. A pair of period underwear is a very personal purchase, and we want to ensure we get the best results from the greatest number of people before expanding our offerings. 

    Inclusive Sizing

    Often period panties have been limited to a maximum of 2XL. At DIVA, we strive to produce products for every body, meaning our sizing exceeds that of other period companies, and goes up to 4XL.  
    Because of the stretchiness and formfitting nature of the fabric, our sizing has been broken down into XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, 3XL/4XL. This means that it was designed to stretch and conform to a variety of shapes and sizes.

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    What are the Best Period Underwear?

    At DIVA, we wanted a machine washable, reusable pair of period underwear that built on what was already available on the market. When we innovate, it is purposeful and conscious of the market that it is entering. We’re not interested in producing a copy of another product already available, but instead help solve any existing challenges with existing products.
    Our high absorbency DIVA Period Underwear is designed to absorb more than other leakproof, high absorbency products on the market, while remaining non-bulky or uncomfortable. We believe that menstrual products should seamlessly make their way into your regular routine and can even elevate your confidence!
    Our Period Underwear, like others, is great for wearing on its own, taking the place of disposable pads and tampons, or as extra protection when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup/disc.  Shopping for a pair of our underwear should provide you with the confidence to live your life unrestrained by fears of leaks, the limitations of other menstrual underwear in terms of absorbency or sizing, and as fashionable as any of your other favorite pairs!