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Advocating for Menstrual Equity this Period Action Day

Many people can’t afford menstrual products. This Period Action Day, here’s how you can support PERIOD., a youth-fueled organization building alliances for period supplies, sharing educational resources, advocating for menstrual equity, and more.

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    There are many people who are unable to afford monthly menstrual care. As a period product company, we advocate for greater access to menstrual products and education around menstrual hygiene to help reduce the number of people experiencing period poverty.

    What is Period Action Day?

    Period Action Day (PAD) takes place once a year on the second Saturday in October. It’s recognized globally as a day for taking action towards ending period poverty and menstrual inequities.

    Who is PERIOD.?

    PERIOD. is a youth-fueled global nonprofit striving to eradicate period poverty and stigma through service, education, and advocacy. They do this through distribution of free menstrual products, promoting youth leadership, and championing menstrual equity in policy. PERIOD. aims to support those disproportionately affected by period poverty, as well as support local efforts towards menstrual equity.
    This Period Action Day 2023, we support menstrual equity for all and are working in support of PERIOD. There are several initiatives that PERIOD has put together in support of Period Action Day, including:
    • Releasing a State of the Period Study in partnership with Thinx.
    • Kicking off a fundraiser for $250,000 to support people who menstruate through the Menstrual Movement.
    • A global drive to collect up to 1 million free menstrual products.
    • Many rallies, panels, and other activations across the US.

    Statement from PERIOD. on The Importance of Period Action Day

    Dara Wilk, Development Director: “On any given day, 800 million people across the globe are menstruating, 500 million of whom lack the adequate supplies to manage their monthly periods. In the United States, 1 in 4 students struggle to afford period products, and 4 in 5 menstruators miss school or know someone who has missed school due to a lack of access to period products.  
    Period Action Day was created out of the urgency required to combat period poverty, a silent crisis that, for too long, has held back menstruators from reaching their fullest potential. It is a fact that when period products are inaccessible and unaffordable, people who menstruate miss out. On PAD, menstrual equity advocates across the world come together to take action through service, education, and advocacy to ensure that we end period poverty in our lifetime and build a society where periods are celebrated and not stigmatized.  
    The reality is the work to further menstrual equity is difficult, and passing legislation focused on the removal of the ‘tampon tax’ and the requirement to make menstrual products more accessible in schools, shelters, prisons, and beyond, will be an uphill battle. That is why at PERIOD. we consistently invest in education on period poverty and the training of youth organizers to become effective change makers to further menstrual equity in their own communities.  
    Ending period poverty is achievable, and if we equip youth organizers with the necessary resources, then there is no doubt that we will eliminate this crisis within our lifetime.  
    Click here to learn more about how you can get involved on Period Action Day, October 14th, 2023, or to donate to our efforts to end period poverty once and for all.”

    State of the Period Study 2023
    In the third State of the Period study, PERIOD found that:

    1. Teens are aware of the barriers period stigma and lack of access to period products presents. And almost a quarter (and one-third of adults) struggle to afford period products.

    2. Teens have noticed improvements around period stigma since 2021, including how they feel they are able to communicate about periods, particularly at home, however, they are still often experiencing stress and discomfort around managing their period at school.

    3. Teens want to see more action on confronting period stigma, like more in-depth education in schools around menstruation for everyone, not just people who menstruate.

    4. Their desire for advocacy has grown since 2021, particularly in schools and teens are looking for more vocal advocates to discuss menstruation openly, honestly and publicly.

    DIVA’s Menstrual Handbook—Finding Your Flow

    DIVA’s newly updated Menstrual Education Handbook, Finding Your Flow, will be available starting October 14, 2023.  
    If you are curious about the changes your body is going through around your first period or want to get more familiar with human anatomy and the menstrual cycle, this will be a great and informative resource. If you're already familiar, it can give you a deeper understanding of menstruation, as well as period-related diseases and menstrual inequities, with all material provided and backed by medical and industry experts.
    To get your copy, download it here!

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