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4 Tips for Summer Festivals on your Period

Summer music festivals can be a highlight of the season—so don’t let your period take away from any of the fun! Browse our top 4 tips so you can get proactive and make sure you don’t miss a minute of that headliner.
music festival
Preparing for Lolapalooza 2023, VELD, or any other music festival can take some thought. From finding the perfect outfit to trying to pack light for days away from home, don’t let your period make things any more complicated!

We’ve got you covered for what to bring to a music festival if you’ve got (or are going to get) your period. Learn how to pack light, what to wear at a music festival to be confident and comfortable, and feel prepared all festival season, so you don't miss any of the day’s lineup!

Tip One: Bring a Water Bottle

Drinking water is always a good idea but is especially important while on your period. It helps fight bloating, cramps and prevent dehydration, which is more common during this phase of the menstrual cycle.

This becomes even more important if you are consuming alcohol during the festival. Alcohol is known to increase prostaglandin levels, which can increase menstrual pain. It can also be de-hydrating, which makes cramps even worse. So, for the best possible experience, try swapping out every other drink for your water bottle – you'll thank yourself later after all that dancing in the sun listening to Lana Del Rey or Rina Sawayama!

Tip Two: Be Wary of Food Options

Festival foods can contain heavy amounts of salts and sugar which, similarly to alcohol, have been found to increase prostaglandin levels and make menstrual pain worse. Most festivals have tight restrictions around bringing in outside food (and your music festival outfit likely won’t have much room to carry lots of snacks!), so it could be beneficial to research what will be available within the festival grounds beforehand to find the best possible options for you.

Though the best foods for your menstrual phase (like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) will likely be few and far between, being conscious of what you are eating to some degree is important, especially if you are prone to bad menstrual cramping.

Occasionally, small festivals will allow you to bring your own food, so make sure to look at your festival’s website just in case you get lucky and can pack some of your favourite period-friendly snacks!

Tip Three: Bring Reusables

Don’t forget to bring your DIVA Cup or DIVA Disc with you. Even if your period hasn’t started, if you know it’s coming, this is one of the last places you want to be taken by surprise!

Using reusables gives you up to 12 hours of protection, which means you won’t be running to the bathroom while waiting for your favourite headliner to get on stage. Yes, a low-maintenance period experience is possible!

Both the DIVA Cup or Disc are perfect period protection for the summer festival scene, making your period as low maintenance and hassle-free as possible. All you need to bring is your cup or disc, DIVA Wash, and Shaker Cup, and you will be prepared for your entire period.

Other benefits of using reusable period products

  • Opens up space in your fanny pack for other festival essentials,
  • Limits waste from disposable products,
  • No risk of running out of supplies mid-fest.

When changing and cleansing, bring your water bottle into the porta potty for a quick and discreet cleansing. Simply put your cup or disc in the Shaker Cup with some water and Diva Wash and shake to clean!

This is also a great time to try out a DIVA Bundle to get a variety of reusables at a special discounted price! Packing two cups, or a cup and a disc, makes going to the bathroom in a porta potty a little bit easier—try swapping in a clean one when you need to change and then having your hands free for cleansing the used one.

Tip Four: Pack a Comfortable Clothing Option

Sometimes festival fashion can be more about style than comfort. However, when you enter the menstrual phase of your cycle, it can be helpful to have an outfit that prioritizes comfort. Ditch the crop top or maxi dress and opt instead for your favourite pair of jean shorts and band tee instead.

One thing you don’t have to worry about with the DIVA Cup/DIVA Disc? Leaking or running out of supplies!

Best of Luck Festival goers!

So, don’t panic if your period falls on your festival days! Just remember to bring a reusable water bottle, assess the available food options, pack reusable products and comfortable clothing.

With these tips, you can enjoy any festival without giving your period a second thought!


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