Diva's Impact Partners

At Diva, our impact work is centered at the intersections of climate crises, lack of accessibility to safe and sustainable products, and the destigmatization of a life-giving bodily process. Each of our partners is working hard to create change and we are proud to work with them. 


  • 4 Pillars of Diva’s Impact Programs:
  • Access to Safe and Affordable Menstrual Products
  • Menstrual, Reproductive and Sexual Health Care
  • Gender Equity, Empowerment and Liberation
      • Environmental Stewardship

Access to Safe and Affordable Menstrual Products 

We're committed to creating menstrual equity and believe that everyone should be able to menstruate comfortably and safely. Through providing financial support and DivaCups to organizations working directly with people in need of menstrual products, we're able to advance our commitment to menstrual equity.

The Period Purse

The Period Purse strives to achieve menstrual equity by providing people who menstruate with access to free menstrual products. They aim to reduce the stigma surrounding periods through public education and advocacy.

No More Secrets

No More Secrets is a sexuality awareness organization, whose mission is to decrease the silence and secrecy associated with the menstrual cycle. By destigmatizing and normalizing menstruation, they aim to change societal behaviors, language, and attitudes related to menstrual hygiene. 


PERIOD distributes free menstrual products to communities and organizations in need. In 2020 alone, they donated over 5,000,000 menstrual products to people across their network. PERIOD has volunteer chapters and partners in 49 states and in over 50 countries. PERIOD also advocates for the fundamental ethic that period rights are human rights.  

Menstrual, Reproductive, and Sexual Health Care

At Diva, we consider menstrual, reproductive, and sexual health care fundamental rights. We collaborate with organizations that offer inclusive sexual and reproductive health services and education that are rooted in an intersectional approach.

SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change

SIECUS recognizes that good sexual and reproductive health is a human right. They work to advance comprehensive sexuality education as a means of building a foundation for a long-term culture shift that will positively impact all levels of society. They aim to address issues of gender and racial equity, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, consent, personal safety, and autonomy.

SHORE Centre

The Sexual Health Options, Resources & Education Centre (SHORE Centre) was founded in 1972. The Centre grew out of the Birth Control Centre at the University of Waterloo to provide all residents of their community with sexual health information and support. They offer inclusive sexual and reproductive health services to anyone who needs it and are based in Diva’s hometown of Kitchener.

Gender Equity, Empowerment and Liberation 

We believe in your freedom. Menstruation is a human experience, not a gendered one. We seek out organizations that invest in the empowerment of BIPOC, women and gender-diverse people.

Black Woman's Blueprint

Black Women’s Blueprint aims to co-create a vibrant and safe community where women and all people can live lives of sovereignty and dignity. They run the Sistas Van: a trauma-informed, survivor-centered Mobile Healing Unit. This van is an all-gender affirming space that centers the experiences and needs of Black women and femmes to fill the need for support services across the spectrum of sexual and reproductive health.

Fora: Network For Change

Fora is a center of excellence for young women’s leadership development. Through their signature programs - Global Summit, Girls on Boards and Next Level - they make strategic investments in young women through education and training, building networks, and access to unparalleled opportunities at home and abroad. 


Platform is a leadership organization for Black, Indigenous, and racialized young women and gender-diverse people. They are on a mission to advance the priorities of BIPOC women and gender diverse youth. Their work takes an intersectional and holistic approach to understand, challenge, and transform complex systems of power and institutions that govern our day-today lives. 

Environmental Stewardship 

As a B Corp and sustainable menstrual product company, we put people and the planet first. Through this pillar, we support organizations dedicated to protecting environmental resources.

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER)

The Center for Indigenous Environmental Resources was established as a national First Nation directed environmental non-profit in 1995. CIER's mission is to work in partnership with Indigenous nations to support and ​build sustainable Indigenous communities and ​​protect lands and waters.  

Social Impact Program

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